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A little about the team who are bringing you Alpha in January 2024



Hi, I'm Lloyd and I ran my first Alpha in 2016 with a group of teenagers! I've enjoyed every Alpha because every person always has unique and thought-provoking answers to life's questions, whether they're atheist, agnostic, Christian, or have never even though about what the word "God" means! Alpha has always been a place where I've made great friendships with lots of very different people, and so I'm excited to begin another Alpha in 2024! I'm married to Emily and I'm a big fan of (watching) cricket - basically, I like sitting on the sofa!


I’m Charlotte and I participated in Alpha in 2023. Alpha was a unique way to talk about faith with people from all walks of life. It has given me ongoing friendships with a variety of people as we discussed a wide range of topics together- with no wrong answers! I live with my husband, toddler (who keeps me very busy!) and cat , and have lived in Whittlesey most of my life.

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I'm Belinda and I took part in 2023 Alpha. I had done Alpha before about 18 yrs ago and enjoyed Church as my work permitted. Alpha allows us to explore faith there is no silly questions just curiosity without anyone being judgemental the food is also great! I am over 60 and live with my husband and dog .We moved to Whittlesey 10yrs ago and love it here. The 2023 Alpha experience opened up a new journey of Faith for me and I made new friends and found Great fellowship Iam looking forward to being part or 2024 Alpha.


Hello! I'm Emily and I've done Alpha a couple of times now. I love exploring life and faith with others and I've always valued the conversations I've had and the relationships that have been built at Alpha. I'm married to Lloyd and when I'm not being a vicar, I like watching a good drama on TV, reading a book, or (currently)
re-playing Spyro the Dragon on Switch - a throwback to my younger days!

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